A Completely Safe and Advanced Cleaning Solution for both Petrol and Diesel Engines


In the Fleet Management section, we have the ability to work collaboratively with your company to meet the key components of your vehicle maintenance program.

  1. Comprehensive and preventative maintenance program.
  2. Full utilization of standard warranty coverage.
  3. Responsiveness to maximize cost efficiencies, minimize unscheduled repairs and downtime.
  4. Courteous quality service while providing the company with mechanically sound, safe and reliable vehicles.
  5. We equally specialize on genuine parts sale e.g. Engine system, gearbox system, transmission/ power train, Engine oil, Absorbers e.t.c.
  6. Car sales both Fairly used & new cars on request.

We guarantee to deliver

We have the ability to provide routine preventative maintenance and repair service for the company’s fleet, inspection and repairs of commercial vehicles. We shall perform routine repair service that includes, but not limited to, oil change & lube; tire rotation; work on brakes; suspension; heat / air conditioning systems; electrical systems; engine repair; and other repairs, normal and customary for maintenance of a commercial fleet.

We have a preventative maintenance checklist that will be followed for every vehicle serviced, for 5000miles inspection and for 30,000mile inspection and consequently.


In the aspect of Fleet Management, TENIL is involved in Complete Fleet Management System which includes procurement of vehicles, maintenance of company vehicles, licensing of vehicles / documentations, training of drivers and fleet personnel in the handling of the company’s fleet, tracking of vehicles and monitoring driver’s behavior with route optimization, Fuel management e.t.c

Some of the aims of TENIL (Automobile / Fleet Management Aspect) are to minimize downtime for (FMCG, Oil & Gas, Transport and logistics, automobile) fleet vehicles, manage fuel efficiency and maintenance costs, improve driver safety, maintain safe and reliable vehicles, tracking of vehicle movement and we ensure longer vehicle life spans, etc.

TENIL also has an expertise in the handling of different kinds of heavy duty machineries like trucks of different models, Forklifts (Diesel, Gas and Electric), Stackers, Cranes and other kind of hydraulic equipment.

TENIL is committed in giving you the best quality work at the best price. We will be looking forward to hearing from you and to have a good business with you.